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“More than a compelling portrait of sound artist Gordon Hempton, Nick Sherman’s film does what all the best films do - it re-orients and re-tunes our awareness so that we experience the world in a new way, as if we’ve spent the day alone in the natural environment of our dreams.”

-Frederick Marx, Hoop Dreams

“This is a remarkable journey: a quest for imperiled Nature by an artist who never stopped listening.”

-Ken Burns

The beautifully shot film follows Hempton for a month as he obsessively tries to capture a specific sound recording in nature...”

Basil Tsiokos, IndieWIRE

“Pure, unedited nature... a blend of science and poetry.”



“In a way, his recordings carry on the tradition of American photographer Ansel Adams whose technically perfect photographs captured the undisturbed, timeless beauty of the mountain vistas and majestic canyons of the American West.”

Monitor Radio


“Gordon Hempton brings new meaning to the word purist.  He meticulously scouts out sites for his soundscapes... Hempton is totally in touch with his environment as a listener, and he is committed to bringing what he hears to a wider audience.”



“Your ears are caressed by resonant acoustical poetry.”

The Seattle Times


“It is the sound of the awakening... a hallelujah chorus... His recordings will immortalize the few remaining quiet corners of the Earth.”

San Francisco Examiner


“Avant-garde composer John Cage, 75, insists that Hempton's recordings of nature are actually musical.  "Instead of using instruments," says Cage,"they open the ears to the sounds of the environment."

People Magazine


“There is something about them that makes you want to redefine the words, "truth and beauty."  Listening to them through headphones, with your eyes closed, inspires visions as vivid as outright hallucinations.”

The Weekly


“Someday Gordon Hempton's recordings may be heard as the last echo of nature at its most natural.”

Philadelphia Inquirer



“They are so accurate and authentic as a tone poem from heaven.”

Vincent C. Siew, Former Minister of Economic Affairs, Republic of China.


“America's foremost guru of quiet.”


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